Personal Handicapping

A personal handicap will be given to an individual by the scorer when they first enter a race. You can see your handicap here: Handicaps

Initially this is calculated on the boats PY and an adjustment is made for the experience of the helm. For those cups for which the personal handicapping system applies, the handicaps will be adjusted as follows:

  • For 2-3 boats the winner’s handicap decreases by 5 points.
  • For 4-6 boats the winner’s handicap decreases by 5 points, last place increases by 5 points.
  • For over 6 boats the winner?s handicap decreases by 10 points, second decreases by 5 points, penultimate placed boat increases by 5 points, and the last place increases by 10 points.

These handicaps are adjusted after every qualifying race which is abbreviated with the following symbols:

Z-H, T-H, D, J-H, L-H, B-H & K-H

You can see how the personal handicaps are calculated in more detail here: Handicaps 2016